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Job Ready Medical Coding CPC Certification Course With Internship and Placements in Top MNC’s

Welcome to Global Medicode

Medical Coding Training at Global Medicode is an opportunity to explore your knowledge, it will be helpful in facilitating an innovative skill set that helps in clearing your certification exam in your first attempt itself. Global Medicode is focused on providing high-quality coding services and customer satisfaction, we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. At Global Medicode we value respect, integrity, honesty, diversity, tolerance and quality, and compassion for Services and learning individuals who are willing to embark on a new career path Global Medicode  is a website designer, training center, and services to clients

Medical Coding Certification Course in Hyderabad

Global Medicode Medical Coding Training Institute is Now Approved AAPC Education . Global Medicode Provides the CPC Certification Exam Training With Placements in Top MNC’s. We are the pioneers in Medical Coding Job Placements.

485 Reviews

Medical Coding Certification Course in Hyderabad

Medical Coding Training Institute Global Medicode.

Global Medicode Medical Coding Training Institute is Now Approved AAPC Education . Global Medicode Provides the CPC Certification Exam Training With Placements in Top MNC’s. We are the pioneers in Medical Coding Job Placements. We make sure every Candidate of Global Medicode should Clear Medical Coding CPC Certification Exam with Excellent Percentage thus the reason Global Medicode as the Best Medical coding Training institute with Best Placement Record. Medical coding is the passionate and lucrative profession where any graduate can enter into the medical coding sector with Excellent Salary Pacakges. Global Medicode Provides the best Medical coding training and Placement Opportunites. Health care Professionals,Coders, auditors, billers, instructors, compliance officers, and managers understand the research and investigation required to get claims paid correctly. Many Health care professionals and life Science Graduates should has to Opt medical coding as a career option as there are plenty of Job Opportunities.

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Why Choose Us

Why Global Medicode for Medical Coding Careers

Global Medicode  is a pioneer in “Transforming Career To Technology” by Providing the advanced Practical Methodology For Medical Coding CPC Certification for Pharmacy Medical and Life Sciences Graduates Who want to Explore their Career in the Medical Coding World and who are willing to showcase their skills in the competitive job market with valuable credentials, and also can complete courses with a Certification. We are passionate about bridging the gap between learning and real-time implementation. So, empowering individuals to be industry-ready and help firms in reaping huge benefits.

Essential Skills for Medial Coding

Medical Coding Certification Course in Hyderabad

Certificate will be provided for this Course on successful completion of Assignments & Projects.

Certificate would be awarded at the end of the program by Global Medicode. A fast track weekend course will also be conducted for employees & aspirants by Experienced Medical Coding Specialists.

CPC Certified Professional Coders

Gold Standard for medical coding competency Coding Proficiency
CPTC, HCPCS Level II, and ICD - 10 - CM Coding Skills

COC Certified Outpatient Coders

Validate reimbursement and outpatient payment criteria knowledge
CPT, ICD-10-CM. and HCPCS Level II Coding Skills

CIC Certified Inpatient Coders

Validate the expert level of competence and experience
Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems (IPPS). ICD-10-CM
Specialized payment criteria knowledge in MS-DRGs.

CPCO Certified Professional Compliance Officer

Cater to compliance requirement of government laws, regulations rules and guidelines
Effectively development and monitor healthcare compliance program based on governmental regulatory guidelines

CPPM Certified Physician Practice Manager

Certifies for services management of processes such as revenue cycle, human resources, business processes etc.
Career advancement certification for Physician practice management.

Why Choose Global Medicode for Medical Coding

Career Growth Begins With Right Placement.

Additional Exam of over 150+ hours

Live Project

Resume and LinkedIn Review Sessions



Job placements in Medical Coding fields


Mock Interview

Hands-on experience in a Live Project

Pre- Recruitment Training Program

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Medical Coding Placements

Clients Reviews

Global Medicode Training Institute Testimonials

Global Medicode truly lives up to its reputation as a premier medical coding training institute.



The comprehensive CPC Certification Exam training and dedicated placement support are unparalleled. Thanks to them.

Teja Sai


I'm extremely grateful to Global Medicode for kickstarting my career in medical coding.

Mouli Khan


Choosing Global Medicode was one of the best decisions I made for my career.



What's even more impressive is their strong network that facilitated my placement in a leading multinational company. Grateful beyond words.



Global Medicode Faq's

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