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CRC (Certified Risk Management Coder)

About CRC Certification Course :

A Certified Risk Adjustment Coder (CRC) has proven by rigorous examination and experience that they know how to read a medical chart and assign the correct diagnosis (ICD-10-CM) codes for a wide variety of clinical cases and services for risk adjustment models (e.g., hierarchical condition categories (HCCs), Chronic Illness & Disability Payment System (CDPS), and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) risk adjustment)

Course Objective :

By the end of Global Medicode training in CRC, you will be able to  review and assign accurate medical codes for diagnoses performed by physicians and other qualified healthcare providers in the office or facility setting (e.g., inpatient hospital)

Who Should Do the Medical Coding Certification Course?

Professionals who can consider Medical Coding Career as a next logical move to enhance in their careers include :

Why Global Medicode?

Global Medicode helps individuals and organizations to empower by providing CIC Certification courses with Assignments for CIC Exam Preparation and  by helping them advance their careers and create sustainable growth in their companies.