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E/M, commonly referred to as E&M, is one of the most challenging areas for coders. Roughly 80% of all encounters billed include E/M codes, yet evaluation and management coding continues to be one of the most difficult areas for coders as they struggle through CPT guidelines, leveling the service (History, Exam, Medical Decision Making), modifiers, regulations, and 1995/1997 documentation guidelines—all in an effort to determine the appropriate level of E/M service. No matter how you spell it, whether you are an experienced coder or a coder seeking better understanding or new to the industry, this course will take you through the fundamental principles underlying all evaluation and management coding.

Course Objective’s :

As a result of this course participants will be able to :

The Course Objective of the Global Medicode training in COC that you will be able to Expertise By the end of Global Medicode training in CPC, you will be able to :

Key Feature’s :

Eligibility :